How to Become a Dream Chaser


Have you ever had a dream? Something that you always wanted to do? Everyone has a dream; whether it is a big one or a small one.  Unfortunately, the reality is that many of us had to let go of our dreams because of problems we faced, the education we received, difficulties or lack of courage.

This reality is often caused by one thing and that is money. We need money to survive and to chase our dream.  For most of us, our income comes from our job, and generally, it requires you to be at a certain place during most of your days.  This limits us from pursuing our dream as it is physically impossible to do so.

However, thanks to technology, lifestyle today is much more flexible compared to people back in the old days. Technology like smart devices and internet allow us to work and social remotely.  This gave people far more options and flexibility in everyday life and made dream chasing possible.


What is your dream?

First, you got to have a dream; maybe someone you wanted to be when you were a little kid, or maybe a skill that you wish to have. Either way, you need to have a dream to start with.

It is essential to break down your dream into different scales and this makes the dream possible and more practical.  When a person’s dream is to become a famous singer, he or she needs to start with smaller “goals” like finish taking singing lessons, performing in a pub, etc.  Breaking down the dream can help you to create a clearer path of how to achieve this dream, so you can start taking actions and work on the smaller thing first.


Here are few tips to help you

There is no doubt that chasing your dream can be very difficult and daunting and the rewards do come with a risk.  If you are determined to go after what you had dreamed of, here are some advices from many dream chasers that we have interviewed.


  1. Risk management

To chase your dream does not mean to throw everything away, it is always important to manage your risk and always have plan B.  Most dreams require many resources like time and money, so having some passive income or a side job can make your journey less hectic. If you have a family, make sure they support you chasing your dream and work with them on how to continue to provide food on the table.

  1. Courage

The path of dream catching is not easy as running into the unknown takes a lot of courage.  Dreams often are described as unrealistic, like a fantasy, and that is because most of the people do not dare to take actions.  It is daunting to take the step and move out of their comfort zone. Therefore, they rather dream their lives away.

  1. Embrace change

When it comes to the obstacles, “change” does not sound like a fierce enemy; yet many dream chasers crumble before him.  Changes can be very stressful, without proper stress management it will affect your emotion and even does physical harm.  If you want to commit to your dream, you must open to change and other new things in your life; even if it’s in baby steps.  Those “changes” are to transform your mindset, lifestyle, and every aspect of your life to be more compatible with your dream.

  1. No such thing as perfect timing

If you are waiting for that perfect moment to devote yourself to your dream, you will be waiting forever. There is never going to be a perfect time to leave your job, to move to another place and to learn new skills as this “perfect time” will never arrive.  You never know where life is going to take you. Therefore, it is important that you are always moving towards your goal.

  1. You can never be ready

Some people prepare themselves for their entire life, and only to realise it is too late to pursue their dreams.  “The more you know, the more you know you do not know.”  You can never be prepared as there is always something left to learn. The concept of perfection is often a self-imposed barrier that stops people taking actions towards their goal.

  1. Trust the universe

Things do not always go in accordance with your plan as they might fail, and people would criticise you.  Constructive criticism is good, and it helps you grow, but do not let negative criticism affect your emotion and motivation. Always remember that success is not built on success, but on failure.


Final words

The journey of dream chaser is difficult, and often you have to face sacrifices, risks, mistakes, disappointment and other life obstacles. But don’t be discouraged, because you are not alone; you are not the first dream chaser, nor the last.  You can only say you truly lived your life to its fullest when you had experience and conquered all those obstacles.

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