How to become a LinkedIn Influencer

What is LinkedIn Influencer Program

People have been asking “How to become a LinkedIn Influencer” for the past few years now. Do you know what it is and why so many professionals want to join the LinkedIn Influencer Program?

In October 2012, LinkedIn launched a new program called “The LinkedIn Influencer Program”; an invite-only program that features the world’s foremost thinkers, innovators, and leaders from a range of industries.  LinkedIn handpicked these leaders of great influence from every industry; with the desire to share their expertise, experience, mindset, and inspiration in the form of articles and posts that help members on LinkedIn. 

With the help of these influencers, the LinkedIn community became much more important as it is now filled with opportunity, thoughtful conversation, professional information and assistance from leaders and mentors around the world. 

The list of influencers changes throughout the year. LinkedIn regularly reviews the existing influencer and continues to look for more people who have met the high standard of the LinkedIn Influencer to be invited to their team.  If you are an influential person in your industry and you believe that you have the potential to become a LinkedIn influence, you are in luck.  We have put together some tips that are given by the existing LinkedIn Influencer on how to become a LinkedIn Influencer, and that will help you demonstrate your capabilities to the rest of the LinkedIn communities.

How to Become a LinkedIn Influencer

1.    Be prepared to invest your time

Since the LinkedIn Influencer Program is invite-only, it is essential to keep your LinkedIn standard high at all time. You want to show your influence through providing valuable information, insight, expertise, and experience to the community and interact with them too.  Most importantly, consistency is the key and you need to generate quality information on a weekly basis.  One of the LinkedIn Influencer said that she is expected to contribute up to three articles a week over the first six weeks to demonstrate her ability of qualitative and quantitative content generation.

The goal of the “LinkedIn Influencer Program” is to create a top-standard professional environment for its members; a platform rich in information, value and inspiration. They want to minimise people posting duplicate articles, or information that everyone already knows about.  Therefore, their eyes will be on you if you can provide values to the LinkedIn community.

2.    Curate Great and Unique Content

Apart from investing your time in generating content, the content itself is more important as we mentioned before as posting someone else’s great article will no longer grab their attentions.  The content of your article and post not only has to be relevant to your industry, but it also unique, attracting while providing values to others with consistency.

Fortunately, technology is there to help us work smarter and much faster.  There is many content curation software out there, and you need one if you are going to dedicate yourself to generating a lot of content.  DrumUp, being one of the best content curation and scheduling tools on the market, it can search the web to find relevant content for your industry, and help you to look for specific area or topics that nobody talked about which are your goldmines. 

3.    Networking: Build Your Followers

LinkedIn is not all about connecting to as many people as you can as reaching “LinkedIn 500+” doesn’t mean anything apart of you have many connections.  It is always good to have a targeted group that you want to reach and influence.  In the case of becoming a LinkedIn Influencer, the targeted group should be the industry that you want to represent.

Another reason why you should be very specific with your targeting is that you want to provide valuable content to your audience. It is much easier to publish engaging content and start a thoughtful conversation with a specific group than posting articles to a random group of people and hope that they are interested.

4.    Be Patient

Many existing LinkedIn Influencer started they journey couple years ago.  One of them told us that she started back in 2006 and posted over 700 blogs and contributed countless publications before being recognised.  It takes times to build your profiles and achievement, so do not panic as that is how everyone started.

5.    Learn from Others

A good method is to follow current LinkedIn Influencer on LinkedIn, and observe how they build their network and what kind of content they publish.  These influencer knows their target group and understand what kind of content is more eye-catching and will help them gain more loyal followers.

Online resources are also another way to improve your skill on using LinkedIn towards your advantages.  Linkedinfluence is a great online course that has been featured in many publications such as Forbes and Times. It helps you to create your LinkedIn empire step-by-step; from setting up your profile, increase traffic and exposure to how to build a powerful network.  And most of all, Linkedinfluence is risk-free as it provides money back guarantee.

Few More Words

Achieving influence on LinkedIn does not happen overnight. You have to invest time, energy and effort before it bares fruit. Turn your influence building into daily practice, listen and identify those who are looking for something; influence them to provide relevant resource and answer.

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